Safecare Certified Facilities

Safecare Certified Facilities (2016- 2018)

Safe care was founded in 2011 by Pharm Access, JCI and COHSASA to help fill the gap in the African Health Care system relating to quality of healthcare.

Through a set of internationally (ISQua), recognized quality standards and a step-by- step improvement path, it offers positive incentives for healthcare providers to move upwards in Clinical and business performance. Safe Care is operating in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia and Uganda.

Safe Care was established to support both public and private health care facilities to go through a stepwise quality improvement program to deliver safe and quality secured care to their patients.

Safe Care introduces standards that enable healthcare facilities to measure and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their services. According to Khama Rhogo, Head of the World Bank Group’s, Health in Africa Initiative, Safe care standards generate a market for health care quality improvement and improve access to care for millions of people in the informal sector in Kenya.

The following are the facilities so far assessed using Safecare standards in their respective regions in Uganda. Assessments are usually conducted annually for each facility.

1Azur Health UnitHOIMA2016-2018
2Gloria Health CenterHOIMA2016-2018
3Ndibula Domiciliary ClinicKIBOGA2016-2018
4Galilee HospitalKAMPALA2016-2019
5Good Samaritan MaternityKAMPALA2016-2017
6Joy Medical CentreKAMPALA2016-2018
7Kiganda Maternity HomeKAMPALA2016-2019
8Dome Medical CentreKAMPALA2016-2019
9Makindye Maternity HomeKAMPALA2016-2017
10Nyamayalwo Medical CentreKAMPALA2016-2018
11Span MedicareKAMPALA2016-2019
12St. Stephens HospitalKAMPALA2016-2019
13China-Uganda Friendship Hospital NaguruKAMPALA2018-2019
14Case HospitalKAMPALA2017-2019
15St. Mary's Dom. Clinic KatovuLWENGO2016-2019
16Martha ClinicMASAKA2016-2018
17Masaka Regional Referral HospitalMASAKA2018-2019
18Muzito ClinicRAKAI2016-2017
19St. Martins Domiciliary ClnicRAKAI2016-2017
20Mama Maria Domiciliary ClinicWAKISO2016-2019
21Masajja Nursing HomeWAKISO2016-2017
22Muzadde Domiciliary ClinicWAKISO2016-2017
23NAP Domiciliary ClinicWAKISO2016-2018
24People's Medical CenterWAKISO2016-2017
25St. Apollo Health CentreWAKISO2016-2017
26St. Joseph Domiciliary ClinicWAKISO2016-2017
27Iki-Iki Health ProjectBUKEDEA2016-2017
28St. Martha Martenity ClinicBUKEDEA2016-2017
29Nabulola Medical CentreBUSIA2016-2018
30Buwenge HospitalJINJA2016-2018
31St. Paul Domiciliary Clinic-BusanaKAYUNGA2016-2017
32Kituti Medical CentreKIBUKU2016-2018
33Kolonyi HospitalMBALE2016-2018
34Magamaga DomiciliaryMAYUGE2016-2018
35Kanginima HospitalBUTEBO2016-2017
36Destiny ClinicSOROTI2016-2017
37Flama Medical CentreGULU2016-2018
38St. Philips Medical CentreKITGUM2016-2018
39Dokolo Medical CentreLIRA2016-2018
40Charis Medical CentreLIRA2016-2018
41Lira Medical CentreLIRA2016-2018
42Ibanda Central ClinicIBANDA2016-2018
43Ibanda Comprehensive Medical CentreIBANDA2016-2019
44Alleluya Medical CentreKASESE2016-2017
45Kasese Community Medical CentreKASESE2016-2018
46St. Francis Medical Centre - MparaKYEGEGWA2016-2017
47Midas Touch Medical ServicesKYENJOJO2016-2018
48Acumpa Mbarara Mellinieum Medical CentreMBARARA2016-2018
49Jokosh Medical CentreMBARARA2016 -2018
50Vedrina Medical CentreMBARARA2016- 2017