Private Sector RMNCAH Platform

Pre-Assembly Meeting for the Uganda GFF Private Sector Platform held on 31st July 2019

The Government of Uganda recognizes the important role of the Private Sector in national development and poverty eradication through the National Health Policy and the National Public-Private Partnerships in Health (PPPH) Policy. Detailed further in various sections of the Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) 2015/16 – 2019/2020, which operationalizes the National Health Policy.

The MOH through the Global Financing Facility aims to contribute to the global efforts to end preventable maternal, newborn, child and adolescent deaths and improve the health and quality of life of women, adolescents and children. Its will mobilize and channel additional international and domestic resources required to scale up and sustain efficient and equitable delivery of quality RMNCAH services.

The GFF attains these goals, in part by supporting recognition of private sector (PS) engagement and contributions to advancing reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) and nutrition. However, while private sector capacities have not been fully harnessed by the GFF because of constraints to their engagement thus far. To remedy this, the leadership of the GFF endorsed in April 2018 a private sector engagement strategy that aims to leverage private sector contributions, by supporting the private sector through various mechanisms including dialogue through a Uganda RMNCAH private sector platform.

UHF is steering the Uganda RMNCAH Private Sector Platform (URPSP) and most recently coordinated a pre-assembly meeting convening private health sector stakeholders.

Annually the MOH holds an assembly where key health sector stakeholders with commitments detailed in the Uganda Investment case, showcase their achievements against the commitments made in the prior year’s assembly. The assembly is also an opportunity to share resolutions to be fulfilled in the upcoming year.

Objectives of the meeting

  • Review overall GFF progress in Uganda
  • Share highlights of progress made on the 2018 GFF Assembly resolutions by the private sector
  • Map out strategies to address challenges identified
  • Agree on resolutions for private sector in the 2019 GFF Assembly


Representatives of the private sector engaged in improving health, specifically sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health; and nutrition outcomes.

Private sector resolutions and commitments for the GFF 2019 Assembly

  1. Increase private health provider data reporting into DHIS2.
  2. Leverage available technology to improve the provision of quality health services.
  3. Provide mentorship to improve technical skills and knowledge of health workers.
  4. Promote timely referral of patients to higher-level facilities.
  5. Sensitive commercial private sector on policies related to RMNCAH Disseminate.
  6. Introduce Innovative methods of support supervision to health facilities.
  7. Create a performance scorecard for Private Sector RMNCAH Platform.

RMNCAH Pre-Assembly Video Highlights