Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) is a registered, limited by guarantee membership association founded in 2010 to champion the interests of the private health sector in Uganda. UHF has a membership of over 55 non-state health associations and organizations in Uganda, including service providers, health professionals, distributors and manufacturers, as well as civil society partners.

As the umbrella body for the Uganda non-state health sector, UHF lobbies, advocates, campaigns, mobilizes and mediates for the private sector. UHF offers a unique connection with Uganda’s private health sector through a diverse membership, and contact database of over 2,000 connections, monthly networking events, newsletter, online presence and regular interactions with the private sector in districts outside Kampala.

UHF implements programs related to the Uganda health sector and disseminates information, and contributes to sector development through lobbying and advocacy activities.

As a membership organization, UHF retains members by offering several privileges including access to health sector B2B networking events, with health sector influencers at exclusive events. UHF also offers product and service marketing opportunities, organization visibility and awareness. Members have an opportunity to contribute to the health sector policy formulation process and access the latest health sector information. UHF also provides access to fee and subsidized training, professional development and capacity building opportunities.

UHF is an affiliate of the East Africa Healthcare Federation, with sister federations in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan. UHF also holds a seat on the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) Board and is recognized by the Ministry of Health – Public Private Partnerships in Health Node


To be the representing, reference and advocacy body for the non-state health sector in Uganda.


To bring all private (non-state) sector stakeholders under one umbrella body for the purpose of advocating policy change, promoting and championing the interests of the private health sector.

UHF Core Values

  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Innovative and results focused
  • Committed for the long term


The private health sector in Uganda is critical in the delivery of health services, despite poor regulation and minimal public sector or health development partner support. Government planning and programs focus mainly on public facilities and private not-for-profit (PNFP) providers.  Skepticism towards the private sector not defined as private for profit, stemmed from a suspicion its emphasis was large profit margins; this was further compounded by a lack of coordination, communication and cohesion. Due to this negative perception, the nomenclature for private for profit entities was changed to Private Health Provider (PHP).

However, fragmentation amongst the 5,000 PHP providers and over 40,000 health professionals, loosely grouped in numerous associations and groups persisted. This fragmentation and lack of one voice resulted in the exclusion of PHP from the Ministry of Health and development partner programs, as well as policy consultations. Despite challenges in financing, capacity building and mechanisms to monitor or enforce standards in the quality of care, over 70% of health services are still sought from the PHP sector.

To address these challenges, and the need to have a private health sector umbrella body, the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) was formed in 2010.

UHF Membership Structure

The structure of UHF provides the opportunity for the various membership bodies to be represented on the federation’s board. This structure ensures that no interest group goes unrepresented. Membership is in three pillars that require payment of membership fees and a fourth pillar for partnerships.

UHF Objectives

  • To be an all-inclusive membership association that appropriately represents all non-state health sector players in Uganda
  • To contribute to development of health sector and related legislation and policy
  • To offer ongoing valuable member services
  • To established a network of health sector working relationships
  • To implement contracts that support and enhance the Uganda health sector

UHF Hub Committees

UHF has 5 hub committees in the following categories:

  • Education and Training
  • Standards and Regulation
  • ICT/ mHealth
  • Healthcare Financing
  • Information and Regional Networks

The hub committees create an environment of information sharing, collaboration and building of synergies, yielding business enhancement opportunities for members, and informed planning to avoid duplication and instill efficient resource allocation, which is much needed in the non-state health sector. Through these hubs, members find common solutions to common problems, such as best practice, joint advocacy, leverage and audience with the regulatory bodies and stream lining for specific interests in health.

What We Offer

  • Promotion and representation of the interests of members in various forums locally, regionally and internationally; both at public and private sector events.
  • Installation of standards in healthcare and promoting a competitive and robust self-regulating private health sector.
  • Combined experience and leadership training, coaching and advisory platforms for members.
  • Global networks and partnerships for business opportunities, awareness, and collaborations.

Member Benefits

  • Access to business to business networking events with health sector influencers at exclusive events.
  • Marketing platform for your organization’s product or service line.
  • Contribute to health sector policy formation.
  • Access to capacity building opportunities.