Iolar Consulting is an advisory firm that focuses on career professionals that are in organizational leadership roles (at whatever level) looking to understand and enhance their leadership potential boosting their ability to deliver results. Offering a core program called Transform To Grow does this


The crux of the program is to give proper grounding to anyone in organizational leadership in the culture of an African environment. The outcome of this interaction is leaders who are equipped with practical knowledge to manage and drive performance of the organizations they are involved in. The differentiators of this program are:

  1. The lead facilitator has over 20 years experience from an entry-level employee right to the CEO level and therefore can relate to many of the situations the participant’s experience.

  2. It is of a practical nature i.e. based on real life experience and the insights

  3. Much of the knowledge imparted can be applied immediately

Over 300 organizational leaders have undergone this transformation experience from different organizations in Kenya, Tanzania,Uganda, South Sudan and Djibouti.

Iolar Consulting is proud to partner with The Uganda Healthcare Federation to strengthen the leadership capacity of its members and as a commitment to the relationship will offer discounted rates to UHF members that would like to go through the transformation experience.